Republic Roots kitchens handle legumes and nuts. We are extremely careful with how we handle produce and the machines that are used for Juicing. There is a possibility cross contamination with nuts can happen. We do not use agave or nuts in our juices, we do use them in our coffee, food, and freezes. Our standard of cleanliness in every phase of our production is incomparable, harmful bacteria may still exist. This is an everyday risk taken when drinking unpasteurized juice, at a restaurant or eating cut fruit from the supermarket.

Individuals with serious illnesses should consult their physicians prior to starting to cleanse. Individuals on medication should also seek for advice from their physician prior to beginning an all-natural cleanse. Women who are pregnant or nursing should not attempt to begin cleansing. We are not selling weight loss, or a cure to all the diseases one can possibly have. Sadly, our juice will not help you purchase tickets to travel around the world for free.

Republic Roots is here to help you begin living The Republic Roots Life.

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