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“You must travel the furthest distance only to discover what was right under your nose all along”. This was the experience of Deven and Rash who together formed the brother sister duo, Republic Roots (along with the creative mind of Ankur Trivedi, Rash’s husband). Deven and Rash grew up with a mother persistent on eating fresh raw ingredients and detoxing every week. They were both raised on seasonal cleanses since the 8th grade. Summer meant, their mother Mina would wake them up at 5:00AM and have them drink 8oz. of freshly squeezed bitter melon daily. Not only would this make it impossible for you to go back to sleep, but even after brushing your teeth twice, the taste was impossible to take out. Winter meant drinking steamed skim milk infused with saffron, nuts, dates, cinnamon, nutmeg, and grated ginger. Monday - Friday this was our breakfast. As any kid would, Rash and Deven anxiously waited for the weekend to have something besides the milk for breakfast!
Years passed since the both of them left home, however, this lifestyle of cleansing sparked a desire in them to share with everyone how satisfying and rewarding it is to fill your body with fresh produce and natural spices. Along with this healthy lifestyle, the addiction to a strong roasted “Cup of Joe” became a big part of Rash’s life. How can one survive corporate America without the warmth of freshly ground coffee beans from around the world? Ankur and Rash, as newlyweds joined the Riverstone community and quickly noticed many families partaking in active lifestyles and aspiring to be healthy. This quickly jump-started the journey of Republic Roots.



Republic Roots delivers their juice and customizable cleanse programs to your doorsteps before you begin your day.

Juicing has changed our lives, and we are living proof. We do it because of how lively we feel when our bodies are replenished with raw nutrients. Republic Roots is more than just a health and wellness company, we are here to share the Republic Roots Life. We hope the Republic Roots Life gives you the drive to live a healthier, happier, and nutrient content life.

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