Cleanse Packages

A one day cleanse is ideally for those who have done a longer cleanse before. Whose bodies and palates have been reset already. It is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to give your body rest from digestion one day a week, every week.

By the second day of the cleanse, you will have eliminated any lingering toxins in the digestive system. This will help you feel energized while staying nutritionally satisfied.

This will reset your entire system, cleanse your palate, liver, and promote a healthy heart. After day 3 your body will start self digestion, causing diseased tissues and cells to disappear. This is also a huge step for weight loss.

The longer the cleanse, the deeper the cleanse. This leads to greater amount of toxin removal and more rejuvenated cells.

Pre cleanse - To make the most of your juice cleanse, start to eliminate meat, dairy, starchy foods, refined sugar, and alcohol 2 - 3 days before your cleanse. This will help your body ease into the detoxification process and not be shocked by the drastic change! Load up leafy greens, fruit, nuts and seeds and eat raw as much as possible.

During your Cleanse - Each day start with your shots, warm water and lemon. You may add raw honey for an extra boost. Drink a juice every two hours or when you feel hungry. Keep drinking water in between your raw juices. For a deeper cleanse, rest and only do light exercise such a yoga or meditation. For a superior weight loss, heavier exercise can be done.

Post cleanse - What you put into your body after your cleanse is very important. Ideally you want to keep the detoxification process going on as long as possible. The first day after your cleanse, start with a juice, smoothie or fruit. During the day add raw leafy greens, vegetables, salads and more fruit. Avoid the processed, fatty foods as long as you can.

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