What is Cold Pressed?

Fresh fruits and vegetables get pressed using a hydraulic press juicer, which gently extracts every drop of nectar from the pulp. Leaving you with the purest, smoothest and most nutritious juice you have ever sipped. Pressed Juices mean no oxidation will take place, leaving all the enzymes and vital elements intact, with a crisp taste.

Why Do a Juice Cleanse?


To eliminate toxins, sick or morbid cells from your body

To get rid of inflammations, which is the start and cause of all diseases

Reset your body

Help get rid of bad eating habits, smoking, alcohol addictions

Clears your mind

Rests your body’s digestive system


Provides you with extra energy as your body is not digesting foods

Makes the skin, hair and eyes healthy

How often can you cleanse?



Health gurus recommend keeping your body in constant stress, swinging from everyday eating habits to shocking it with a cleanse. So why not naturally remove toxin build-up to improve concentration levels, an overall sense of well-being, and energy. A cleanse is an excellent way for your body to fill and flush with raw vitamins, minerals, and natural enzymes.

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