What is a Detox Cleanse

What is a Detox Cleanse?

A detox cleanseis when you only drink raw, pure, organic, 
unprocessed, cold pressed fruit and vegetable juices and do not eat any foods at all. During the cleanse you will give your body a rest from digesting complex and processed foods. Every time you consume fat, protein, dairy, or refined sugar your body becomes toxic and inflated. This can leave decayed food in your digestive system for years. Our bodies are finely tuned mechanisms that can cleanse on its own. However, when you are continuously putting processed foods and refined sugar into your body the toxins build up. By drinking cold pressed juices, these minerals, vitamins and enzymes are very quickly absorbed into your blood stream. After a 3 day cleanse your liver, heart and entire body will start eliminating every sick or dead cell as it will not have to do its normal work of processing fat.

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